Born and raised in Manhattan, NYC, I was captivated by the performing arts from an early age. The external expression of internal states of being, the lying to tell the truth that is the craft of acting, caught and held my attention for a very long time. Being on stage, I felt an immediacy and a reciprocity with fellow actors and people in the audience that was deeply satisfying and that obliterated past and future, leaving the clarity of the present. The pervasive sense of dis-ease and alienation I felt much of the time vanished. I was experiencing a crackling with aliveness, is-ness, and I was hungry for it.

This experience of presence amplified and became more consistent, that is to say I became more and more able to string more and more present moments together, when I came to meditation in 2008. Meditation led me to yoga and the love affair began. I believe that the symphony of movement and stillness, the diving in to body, breath, heart, mind, and spirit that yoga invites, is of enormous value to our daily lives. I believe the practice has the power to transform our individual and collective consciousnesses, and with those, our world.

Before teaching yoga I worked as an actor, dancer, writer, producer, communication facilitator, and educator, building skills I continue to utilize in group classes and with private clients today. After completing my first yoga teacher training in 2012, I returned home to Los Angeles and life there began feeling more and more dissonant. My yoga practice allowed me the space to listen deeply to my internal compass, and afforded me the strength to act accordingly, and as a result, I moved to Hawaii in 2013. 

I have completed two 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programs, the first in Hatha Yoga in 2012 and the second in Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2013. I continue my education through classes and workshops with fellow teachers, through personal study, and through working with students and clients, who are some of my greatest teachers. In Los Angeles I taught yoga at Urth Yoga Studio, Archway Studio, Metro-Fitness, and to private clients. On the Big Island of Hawaii, I teach group classes at Mauna Kea Resort, Mauna Lani Resort Fitness Center, The Shops at Mauna Lani #306, and Kohala Institute at ‘Iole, and work with private clients individually and in groups.